Important Notice Regarding
Travel Coverage:
For all members of the Multi-Employer Trust with Enhanced Health Coverage. Your current RBC coverage (policy #D-1022896-E) will end Dec 31, 2016 and your new Assumption Life travel (policy #606011 outside of Quebec or #606012 in Quebec) will commence January 1, 2017. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-387-8244.

Since the 1970s, Lewer Canada Ltd. has gained the trust of small and medium sized businesses in the automotive and petroleum industries across Canada as the go-to resource for employee benefit solutions. While our history lies in the automotive and petroleum sectors, we have expanded to service specific organizations that can benefit from our expertise. Many business owners and employees have also found value in our individual insurance and financial products. Lewer Canada’s benefits consulting expertise, anchored by superior health and retirement benefit plan offerings, is endorsed by a variety of companies and organizations for their franchisees, retailers, and members.

Our focus is to leverage our experience to provide the right solution for your employee benefit needs.

Having a benefits plan is a useful tool in retaining and attracting employees and it is one of the most tax effective instruments employers have to provide a strong financial foundation for their employees. We specialize in weaving together your business’ goals with your compensation package to increase employee engagement and improve productivity. Our Benefit Consultants and Account Specialists recognize the complex needs of your industry. We have focused on reducing and simplifying each step so you can focus on running your business knowing that Lewer Canada will provide you with outstanding services and progressive products.